Going into 2024, I knew I wanted to fall back into novel writing primarily. I had sort of taken a break while having some major writers block going on, focusing on writing shorter works for anthologies and whatnot. I also focused pretty heavily on poetry, but it’s definitely time to get back into what I love the most and that is horror novels

I finally sat down with a story that I had finished a couple of years ago now, which is going to be the second book in the Dreadful Seasons series. As of right now it’s called The House at the End of the Lane, but that is very much subject to change. I’m about to wrap up a second draft (just editing and rewriting), and then I will start into a third draft which will HOPEFULLY be the final one I send off to be looked over by someone else. That’s usually how I operate, though I usually loathe editing. This time though I’m having a pretty good time with it. I think because it sat so long that I had forgotten a lot, and it was more of a reading experience too rather than just straight up editing.

It’s a haunted house type story, with a little something else thrown in. I don’t want to say too much and ruin the premise, but I think it’s pretty good myself! It takes place in a small town in Maine in winter, in the mid-1990s. Every book in Dreadful Seasons takes place in a different season (obviously), as well as a different decade. The first book was Autumn Boys, which you should check out if you haven’t already! I think it’s pretty good, personally!

So yes, that is where I am right now. Writing a poem every day, editing on the winter book, and preparing to start on the spring book next. The goal is to have this book out in February, we’ll see if that happens!

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