I can’t believe that we’re over two weeks into the new year ! It just seems impossible that we’re this far out of 2022 already. Wild!

2022 was a pretty big year for me publication wise. While I certainly didn’t bring in a ton of profit or anything, I did manage to publish seven new books. That’s a pretty big deal, at least to me! I finished up the Rag & Bone Trilogy, published my first middle grades novel, and introduced the world to the Dreadful Seasons series with Autumn Boys. I also did my first book with a co-author, which was pretty cool.

Outside of just publishing novels, I also had a few pieces featured in anthologies and on podcasts. I’m really hopeful to do more of that this year, and get my name out there circulating.

I discovered a new love for poetry as well. I had fiddled with it off and on, but 2022 was the year I sort of really fell into it. I ended up entering the Carter County Poetry Society’s annual contest, and took home two large prizes. I won second place in the Grand Prix category, and first place in Free Verse. Both those poems, plus a third, will be featured in their upcoming anthology, which I’m pretty proud of. Not too shabby for one year!

2023 is looking favorable already too. I plan to drop the other three books in Dreadful Seasons, starting with The Icky Icky sometime this spring. From there we’ll have The Dreaming Summer releasing in the summer, new promotion for Autumn Boys in the fall, and The House at the End of the Lane (tentative title) coming in early winter. I will also be releasing Bayou Blues (tentative title) on Kindle Vella starting relatively soon. I’ve done Vella before, but only with shorter stories. This will be the first actual novel that’s showing up there, so I’m hoping it does well.

Outside of those things, which require a LOT of editing, I’m working on some other projects. I’m starting a horror series set in Appalachia (all different stories), and a poetry book. Right now I’m fleshing out The Miller which is a story of possession, murder, and total insanity. I think it will be a lot of fun! Definitely something different anyway.

So, yes, I’m just out here trying to make things happen. I have some more contests to enter, some more anthologies to reach out to. I want 2023 to be a good year, and I think it will be. Especially since we’re starting construction on the studio hopefully in May.

The podcast is also going well! I’m working on the website for it, and it should be done sometime soon. I’m just trying to make sure it turns out how I want. Season 2 started last week though, and I’m stoked for episode two!

That’s all for now! I just wanted to touch base and see how y’all are doing. Have you read any of my releases from last year? Let me know what you thought!

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