Hey there, folks! I promise I’m still here, just sort of overwhelmed with life at the moment. There is a lot going on right now, but I’m definitely still working on projects. I have not forgotten that I still have TWO publications coming out in 2022 (where has this year gone though!??!), and they are coming imminently! Bookish and Autumn are both coming out in the next week or so, just in time for the holidays. My intention was for Autumn to come in October, but it got pushed back because of several reasons (including an award nomination) so it will be coming just a bit later than anticipated. Bookish, well, I just sort of dropped the ball on that one but it’s nearly done! I mean, the writing is done, it’s just wrapping up in post production stuff and then it will be here!

Since I last posted, I actually picked up two awards I was not really expecting from the Carter County Poetry Society! My poem Hawthorn brought home 1st place in the Free Verse category, and Mountain People brought home second in the Grand Prix. I’m pretty darn proud of that, and the fact that they will be featured in the 2022 anthology!

Speaking of that, the Christmas horror anthology I have a story in is now out, and a micro fiction anthology that I have a piece in will be coming just after the new year! Check them both out on the anthologies and accolades page!

I am currently working on the website for the Appalachian Spooky Hour Podcast, which is doing pretty well! The first season is wrapped up, and I’m working on the episodes for season two. Hopefully that website will be up and going soon, for all things spooky Appalachia (including some merch in the future perhaps).

I’m already thinking ahead for 2023, and what is going to happen bookwise. As of right now I plan to have this years NaNoWriMo story, Bayou Blue, available on Kindle Vella starting in December I think. Which means it will be serialized and available there in weekly installments. If it does well, I will be finish The Will there as well, and then hopefully also have The Toy Box up and readable in early 2023.

Also for 2023 I want to publish some of the other Dreadful Seasons novels. Murder House will definitely be there, and maybe Dreaming Summer. I’m still currently working on getting prepped for the spring story. I’m also thinking of replacing the original spring story with The Icky Icky and using the original story for a separate project. We’ll see!

I have been writing quite a lot of poetry lately, and I’m finding that I enjoy writing about home. I’ve been featuring Appalachia in several of my stories lately, but it’s very heavy in my poetry. If I have enough collected in 2023, I may put out a poetry book in the later half of the year. That isn’t fully determined or realized as of right now though.

IF things go well, the studio will also FINALLY get underway this coming spring. It just depends on a few factors, but I’m ready to go. It will be a dedicated space for writing, editing, podcasting, and creating video content. It will also serve as a sort of writers retreat for the authors at Cat & Key. So fingers crossed!

That’s all for right now, but I’ll be back soon with two new books AND a Small Business Saturday Sale you won’t want to miss (including autographed books/bookplates).

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