I’m sorry for dropping off the face of the planet for a little bit there. Things have been…pretty meh as of late. A tree fell on my car, which has effectively ended the building of the studio as all that money is going to repairing said vehicle since I need it to get around. Now I’m dealing with COVID, which has been fun.


That was sarcasm.

Anyway, the tree on car episode pushed back the release of Heart of War, and COVID has slowed down recording the last two parts of my Waverly Hills YouTube series, and the first episode of MY NEW PODCAST! I will be setting up webspace for the podcast ASAP, just be patient. It’s called Appalachian Spooky Hour, and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

So, in the interest of having to revise my publication schedule, I figured I’d lay out what you can expect from me for the rest of 2022 if nothing else totally insane happens in the meantime.


13th: Waverly Hills Part 2 (YouTube)

15th: Appalachian Spooky Hour Episode 1: The Murder of Stella Kinney and Bloody Rock (Podcast)

17th: Hearts at War release (pushed back from May 26th)

20th: Waverly Hills Part 3 (YouTube)


4th: The making of my first horror series, Rag & Bone (YouTube)

6th: Appalachian Spooky Hour Episode 2: The Bell Witch  Haunting

22nd: Incipient (Rag & Bone Book 3) Release!

30th: Appalachian Spooky Hour Episode 3: Omens & Signs – Appalachian Death Warnings


I’m not sure what I will be posting on YouTube at this particular point, but it will likely be 1-2 book related videos!

I will have two podcast episodes this month, not sure on the dates. They will be:

Episode 4: The Witch Girl of Pilot’s Knob & Episode 5: The Expulsion of The Moon-Eyed People


I start traveling from mid-September until the first of October. It will be a busy month, but there are still things planned!

I will be doing some YouTube travel videos, which should be fun. I will try to make and post a few of them as I go, but don’t hold me to that.

21st: Bookish is released! It’s a middle grades novel with some illustrations, and a lot of fun! It’s fantasy/spookiness for young readers!

I will be releasing one podcast episode early in the month, and another that I will record and then release while I’m gone. Those episodes are;

Episode 6: The Brown Mountain Ghost Lights  & Episode 7: Kentucky’s Sleepy Hollow Road


This is my time to shine! I will be releasing what I consider to be my best novel yet this month! I will also be doing some different spooky YouTube videos (2-3 total I think) as well as a special podcast episode!

1st: YouTube video (going to try to film this on location while I’m traveling and edit it for posting on this travel day  back home)

7th: Appalachian Spooky Hour Halloween Special Part 1: The Real Story of Burkittsville and Coffin Rock

13th: Autumn People is released! The first book in the Dreadful Seasons series!

17th: YouTube Video

28th: Appalachian Spooky Hour Halloween Special Part 2: The Haunts of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

That is all I know about the rest of the year thus far. I will fill in the gaps as I go, but for now this is the tentative plan, along with a LOT of writing. I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo in July for both editing and writing another novel, and then most of the rest of the year will be dedicated to editing until it’s time for NaNo AGAIN in November.

Anyway, I’m alive, I promise! Just recovering from life and COVID, and I’ll be back in full swing soon! Below are links to check out my YouTube Channel and my new Podcast! I hope you’ll enjoy both.

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