In eleven minutes it will be February 20th, which is the official release date of The Chemistry of Us! This is my second book publication of the year out of eight planned releases, and my very first published with a co-author. It’s the very first release for M.J. Kerr, and I hope that things go smoothly from here on out for her.

Getting this book to publication was not easy. Our original release date was February 14th, but it got pushed back a bit. I don’t like missing deadlines, they feed my anxiety, so that was…not a good thing for me mentally. I managed to make it through all that though, and moved through the mental block to do what was needed on my end. After that there were a lot of hurdles with getting the book finished and ready for actual publication, and then getting it all uploaded. There were especially some glitches with the IBSN and KDP not getting along. We made it though, and now we’re on the cusp of the big day!

How about a look at the final, official cover?

Cover also designed by M.J. Kerr

The book is beautiful to look at, but more than that is what is on the inside. It’s a story about two boys who need each other, even if they don’t know it at first. Cole is from a troubled home, with a parent who struggles with addiction, and is caught up in some messes created by his uncle. Dawson seems to come from the better side of life, but the pressures of his life hit him hard and he struggles with how to cope. It’s really a story about life and love and getting to know yourself as a person. Growing up is hard on everyone, and all people have a story to tell.

It has always been important for me to tell human stories. I love to write about all types of people, and I draw from experiences I see in the world around me. While this book, and Dawson (my beloved, sweet character who I love very much), were not about a specific person I did draw inspiration from friends of mine that I’ve known throughout my life. That made it even more of a privilege to write my part of this, and put it into the world.

I hope you all enjoy this story, the characters, and their lives. There could possibly be a second book, but if there is it will be somewhere down the road. I do, after all, have six more publications to come this year, and a ton of things to finish writing for 2023. Fingers crossed y’all stick around for the ride!

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