So this is the first in what (I hope) will be weekly posts from me centered around topics specific to being a writer! Let’s get started and see how this goes!

Write about what a typical writing day is like for you.

My writing schedule is built around my work schedule, which can sometimes be difficult. I work six days a week, but I’m fairly lucky in that the hours aren’t long which allows me a little more time in my day to squeeze in my writing. It used to be that I was much more proactive at night, and while I’m still a night owl I have adjusted that area of my creative life and I now function much better in the earlier hours of the day. If things are slow at work I can sometimes do a bit of writing there, but lately I’ve been trying something different where I set aside specific evening hours to focus only on writing.

Every night from 7-9:30 I have writing time. Does this always happen? Not always, because there are other things that sometimes coincide with those hours. By and large, however, I do get in some amount of writing time in those two and a half hours. Some days I’m very productive and manage quite a lot of words in that time frame, and other days I can’t focus and the whole thing is scrapped. The important part, however, is that I’m making specific time which is not how I used to operate. Before I just…wrote when the mood hit me. I’ve come to realize as I’ve gotten older that it isn’t a very productive method at all, and that is why it used to take me ages to get a first draft put together. The only time that I would specifically work on writing every single day without fail was during NaNoWriMo, which I have more often than not finished in 10 days or less.

You would have thought that I would have put two and two together much sooner than I did, after spending several years cranking out a novel so quickly in November, but I didn’t.

Hey, I never claimed to be some kind of genius here! Cut me some slack!

Finally it dawned on me that if I could do that every November, why wasn’t I do it the rest of the year?

So, slowly but surely, I started to put in writing time every single day. Like I mentioned before, I usually just dove in whenever the mood hit, but it still wasn’t working very well. So now I have that dedicated time, and it makes me feel a LOT better about what I’m doing.

A typical day for me usually involves at least 3,000 words, sometimes more. It’s just all in what else is happening that day, and it varies from one day to the next. I wish I could put down a more “typical” scenario here, but I just can’t. I’m a real person with a whole other life outside of being a writer. That life involves other people, pets, a job, and all the trials and tribulations of adulthood to take into consideration. I’m sure a lot of you out there are the same.

What is your day like as a writer? Do you have designated hours or just write on a whim? I’d love to know!

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