Puberty sucked.

This is worse.

My name is Dylan, and I didn’t mean to get bit. I really didn’t. It isn’t like people go looking for that sort of thing, you know? I was just on a camping trip with my family, and it just happened to coincide with the full moon. I had gotten out of bed to take a pee, as one does, when I was attacked. The park service told my family it was most likely a coyote or feral dog that got me, latching right onto my leg. That had hurt, but let me tell you what, the rabies shots hurt even more. I healed up fine though, and life went on. I didn’t go rabid, and my family sold all our camping gear.

Who wants to engage in an activity that could result in an unprompted wild animal attack?

It took about a month before I started to feel sick, just sort of strange and feverish. The wound had already scabbed over and scarred, so I wasn’t worried about infection. I just figured I’d probably caught whatever was going around. School is a cesspool of bacteria, after all, so it wasn’t really an unexpected thing.

Then came the first full moon after the bite. My first transformation.

It happened in front of about thirty people.

That’s just my kind of luck.

Despite my fever and the new addition of queasiness, I went to Dana McCoy’s birthday party. When you’re sixteen years old it takes more than a little sickness to keep you away from the best party of the whole year. Especially when it’s thrown by a girl like Dana. It was at her family’s lake house and her older brother, David, scored us a pony keg. In short it was a great night, until it wasn’t.

I was right there in the thick of it, red solo cup in hand, when I got the shakes. Beer sloshed all over the place, a real seen, and then the pain started. It rippled along my spine and then down my limbs, the most searing, horrible thing I’d ever felt. I can remember hearing people screaming, and someone shouting to call 911, and then my heart stopped.

Did you know that happens when a person transforms? The heart literally stops for about thirty seconds or so while organs rearrange themselves, bones break, and hair grows. It’s absolutely disgusting, but all I could think that first time was, “oh shit, I’m going to die”. A logical thought when your heart literally stops beating in your chest. It restarted once I was on all fours, beating much faster since I was sort of in a panic by that point.

I could smell things I had never smelled before, and that’s when I found out that teenagers smell absolutely disgusting. It’s all hormones and sweat, and it only made the situation that much worse.

As people ran for the exits, and a few were fumbling for their phones to take videos for the internet, I became aware that I was the one who needed to run. Instinct took over and I plowed through the crowd, jumping off the back deck and making for the woods. I spent the rest of the night running and resting at various intervals, and it really wasn’t all that bad. It was very freeing, though I did have a bit of bloodlust going on that caused me to kill, and eat raw, two rabbits and half a deer carcass.

The cops found me the next morning, naked as the day I was born and curled up in a soft bed of leaves. They covered me with a blanket and took me to the station, where my parents came to pick me up. They had been fielding phone calls for hours from the parents of the other kids at the party, who all claimed to have seen me shift into a terrifying wolf-like creature and then make for the woods.

In the end the parents all chalked it up to a prank, and I just played along. I knew I’d have to figure out something before the next full moon, but for the moment it seemed best to play stupid. Nobody should ever admit to being a cryptid, it’s just asking for trouble and a trip to the loony bin.

I’ve made it through half a dozen full moons since then, and it’s worked out okay. I did eventually have to come clean to my mom and dad, who were shocked and skeptical until they witnessed the truth. My mom fainted, which was pretty rough, but they’re slowly coming to accept the situation. They put a reinforced steel door in the basement, so I don’t have to run around in the woods anymore, waiting to find my way home in my birthday suit after eating questionable meats all night long.

I’m still figuring the whole thing out, but I guess it just becomes easier with time. I scour the internet religiously now, looking for others like me, but so far all I’ve found are furry groups which is really not what I’m looking for. I’m also never going to score a date with Dana now, but that’s okay. Dating isn’t high on my priority list these days anyway.

You want to know the worst part of the whole thing though? I transformed into a lycan for the first time in front of thirty classmates, including one very hot girl, and it somehow still wasn’t my worst Saturday night ever.

Figure that one out.