ARCs are Advanced Reader Copies! They are given to readers for free, typically in exchange for an honest review ahead of a books release. I am currently offering the chance to snag an ARC of Transmission for you to read before it’s September release!

  • There is no purchase necessary for receiving an ARC copy. Just click the button below.
  • Monetary compensation for reviews isn’t being offered. The ARC is being offered to those interested as a free source of review content for your blog/Instagram/etc.
  • ARC copies of Transmission are in eBook format and will be distributed through BookFunnel.
  • Transmission releases on September 15th, 2021 through various booksellers, and is already present on Goodreads. Additional reviews besides those on your social media or website are certainly not required but are definitely appreciated. Goodreads reviews should specify you’re reviewing an advance review copy, for the sake of transparency.
  • This is a dystopian/pandemic novel, that was written well before COVID-19. If that is a trigger for you, however, it may not be for you.
  • This book lingers in young adult territory, but is really for all age groups 13+.
  • Should you decide to download an ARC copy and you do enjoy the book, please feel free to encourage followers who may enjoy this genre to download copies and review on Goodreads. Requests will be fulfilled until all slots are full.

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