Ever since I decided that the Rust series is ending in April of this year with the publication of The Way Home, I’ve been plagued with one thought.

What comes next?

I have several finished novels that I’ve been sitting on for ages while working on the Rust series, and I’ve begun the process of dusting them off and assessing them one by one. Some are parts of other series that I hope to finish in the future, and others are stand alone novels. They range from young adult to thriller to horror to supernatural, and it’s been hard choosing what to work on going forward. I guess the easy part of this is that these are things that are already finished. I’m not currently struggling for ideas or stories, just…what to work on and edit and set a release date for.

It’s nice to have that padding, I won’t lie, and I don’t even want to torture myself yet with thinking about LATER (when these already finished works run out and I’m forced to, you know, do more things).

I make writing sound taxing, and for me it generally isn’t. I just feel tired right now, but that’s the COVID lag that we’re all experiencing. It’s sucking up all my creative energy, that’s for sure, and I absolutely abhor that feeling.

Anyway! Tangent! Let’s back on track here.

After a lot of digging, reading, and talking to readers in my last live video I came to a conclusion on what is coming next.

I am aiming to release Rag & Bone, a postapocalyptic novel about a plague that wipes out civilization as we know it

Some irony is to be found in this decision. I actually wrote that book in January of 2019, with the thought that I would release it in the midst of the Rust series to sort of give readers a break. Then the end of 2019 came, leading into the disaster that was 2020, and releasing a plague book seemed rather insensitive and a little terrifying. So I held off on it. The timing was just very, VERY much not there.

I know that we’re still living and dealing with COVID, but it’s a facet of our lives that is likely not going away anytime soon. I also came to realize that living in a pandemic didn’t change my own, personal feelings about those kinds of novels and stories…so why not? If it tanks then it tanks, but it’s a story I like and that readers seem interested in, so it’s worth a shot!

As of right now I’m aiming for an end of summer release, likely in September of this year. It may be earlier than that, depending on how things go with The Way Home and other factors. It’s not 100% set in stone, but this is my train of thought anyway.

It’s also worth noting that I started laying out and working on a sequel to Rag & Bone at the end of 2019, and that I’m starting to envision it as a trilogy. So maybe things will work out for the better!

I’m not sure yet about the rest of my novels, or anything else that’s churning in my brain right now, I just know that I’m ready to put these stories into the world. I was always too afraid to let myself take these sorts of risks, but I’m not getting any younger and I’m tired of holding back. I’m ready to let my work be out there, and I hope that some of you will enjoy it!

So let’s see what we can do in 2021!

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