So if you follow my Facebook page then you know by now that I’m releasing the third book in the Rust series, A Narrow Road, on the 25th of February! I’m really excited about this, while also being a little sad to see the end of the series looming just ahead. I feel like I’ve been working on this for such a long time, when it reality it’s only been a few years. I can’t believe that book three is almost here!

When I first wrote A Crooked Mile, I intended it for it to be just one book. Just one story. I had only ever attempted to plan out one series before as a writer, and I could never get myself to make it work. With these books, however, the stories were just…there. They presented themselves easily, the plots made sense to me, and I just had to write them down. So I wrote Crooked for NaNoWriMo in 2017, and then in 2018 got struck with inspiration for A Different Shade of Blue. That book eventually became my NaNo story for that year.

After that I really thought I was done. I mean what else was there to say? Of course it didn’t work out that way, as that January I let myself start to think about what I would write next. I missed Alec Davis as a character, and I often wished I hadn’t given him the send-off that I had in Crooked Mile. Unfortunately you can’t just take something like that back, and I felt a bit stuck.  Until, of course, I got it into my head that I could always go BACK in time.

So that is more or less how we ended up with A Narrow Road. I wanted to see more of Alec, learn more about the person he had been. I wanted to explore how we got to the plot of A Crooked Mile, and why things ended the way that they did. Exploring him was cathartic, it allowed me to channel things I was feeling into a good outlet. I was able to pull bits and pieces of the boy I had written about before, while encasing him into this new shell that I had never seen before but that just made so much sense to me.

I think that the point I wanted to make with Narrow was to figure out how a person gets to their most desperate point in life. Often times when horrible things happen in our environment we never see the reasoning behind them. We can only feel what WE feel, and we can never feel what THEY felt. While this obviously doesn’t explain why things always happen as they do, it at least lets us see that sometimes we don’t really know all of a person. We only know what they allow us to know, and even those they are closest to don’t necessarily always understand how their mind works.

Some people are unknowable. That’s just the way it is. I, however, wanted everyone to KNOW Alec Davis. I wanted them to understand.

I wrote this book a couple of years ago now and have been sitting on it ever since. Recent events in my home town, the loss of a very beloved young local boy who was in the prime of his life as a human being and as an athlete, really hit home. It felt eerily similar to the ideas I had put into the Rust universe, into Alec himself, and I almost stepped back from this book, almost shelved it, but then decided….I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to keep going, because this story  means something to me and I hope in my heart that it means something to someone else too. Sometimes we write things and nobody ever reads them. Nobody will ever know the stories we had to tell, the things we had to say. Putting them out there could change everything though, and if it helps even just one person…then it was worth it.

I will be doing a live chat, maybe a live video stream, via my Facebook on February 25th. I will announce a time sometime in the coming weeks. I will also be doing a cover reveal soon, which I will cross post here.

Below is a link where you can pre-order the Kindle version of the book if you wish, and I will be sure to let everyone know when the physical copies are also available.

Pre-order here!

I’m also considering running another give away, though I feel I may save that for the release of The Way Home in April.

So things are looking good for the month of February, and I can’t wait to share this new story with all of you!

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