Hey guys! Something pretty cool happened today and I wanted to share it with y’all!

So on a whim I decided to put A Different Shade of Blue free on Amazon (Kindle only) for 24 hours. I didn’t do much advertising, just wanted to test the waters, and what happened was… pretty cool, actually!

I ended up ranking #3 in free Kindle books in the Young Adult LGBT category and #18 in free Kindle books in the Young Adult Contemporary Romance category!

This means sometime in the near future I will likely do this again! Getting my stories out there into the world is more important than making money, and I just hope that those who read it feel inclined enough to leave reviews. A few folks even bought A Crooked Mile too, which is fantastic!

So if you were one of the folks who picked up one or both in the last 24 hours (or anytime since the release), thank you!

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