So, as with all things in 2020, the physical copies of A Different Shade of Blue arrived completely, and utterly, messed up. The KDP did all kinds of bad things to this big including:

-Leaving out pages

-Condensing almost 200 pages down to 105

-Making the print super small (hence the condensing of pages)

-Misaligning pages

-Not including the copyright information

-Making the cover look kind of weird

It did not go over well. I had ordered 5 initial copies for contest winners a couple of weeks ago. It took ages to get them, and when they arrived it was a bit of a shock to say the least. I immediately canceled the second order I had in for more books, and tried to figure out what in the world went wrong. The preview on my end looks perfectly fine so who even knows!

I have, however, been looking at some alternatives and have decided to try printing with another place as well. That means we’ll have:

Paperback books, eBooks, and HARD COVER!

I’m working to get everything set up with them and I’ll be ordering test copies soon. They’ll be distributed in the global market as well as available directly from me.

I’m pretty excited about it, I won’t lie! HARD COVERS!

So yes. That’s the saga at the moment. I’m also trying to beta read a piece for someone else, as well as edit Murder Mittens for its October 1st ebook release date.

Lots going on, lemme tell ya!

I may also be setting up a little storefront through my website sometime in the next few weeks to sell goods from A Bit Bookish Co. It will be general bookish related merchandise, but we’ll see how the motivation for that goes. I don’t want too many irons in the fire.

That said I will be doing an update once the print books are again available for purchase. I know a couple of people had already ordered one before I pulled them, so if you bought one and they did not cancel the order PLEASE let me know! I will gladly send you the proper copy at no extra cost to you once I have them.

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