You can now pre-order your copies of A Different Shade of Blue! About the book:

A Different Shade of Blue (Rust #2): Seventeen-year-old Bryson Davis is finally ready to start putting the pieces of his life back together. Since the death of his older brother, Alec, two years prior, and the subsequent break down of his family life, he has struggled with who he is and what comes next. He sees his senior year of high school as a chance to finally get things right though; a chance to once again be the person he was before Alec, before Rust, and before the divorce.

Only it’s hard to be yourself when you’re harboring an immense secret. The type of secret that can turn your entire life upside down. And it only gets harder when a new boy at school named Aidan Driscoll is unexpectedly thrown into the works.

You can pre-order the ebook directly through Amazon here!

You can also pre-order the paperback directly through me! The book is $10, plus $4 for US shipping for a total of $14. If you wish to ship internationally please contact me before your purchase!

Pre-ordered copies will be sent out at/around the September 14th release date!

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