So two exciting things in this post! The first thing is that Mandi has worked hard on a few cover options, and I think we’ve made a decision! Now this may not be the final design, but it will be similar to this if not the same. Are you ready?

She designed it to match the cover for A Crooked Mile, and I love it. So keep an eye out for the very final design soon.

Now on to the part you really came here for:

The Give Away

So one month from today (September 14th) is the official release day for A Different Shade of Blue! I’m working hard to get everything finished up, and in the middle of all of this I am also doing a giveaway! Since it has taken so much longer than I had anticipated (due to forces out of my control) to get this book out, I wanted to do something special. So first and foremost let’s have the details on what you can win in the giveaway:

I am giving away two custom book goodie boxes! These boxes will include items such as postcards, candles, bookmarks, and more inspired by A Different Shade of Blue and the Rust series. These boxes will also include a signed copy of the book.

I will additionally be giving away 10 custom postcards  created just for the book, that are in a limited quantity.

The second thing, obviously, is how you can win. It’s honestly very easy, and all I’m asking for is a bit of exposure. Here’s what you need to do

1. Repost this link on your social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc):

2. Leave a comment letting me know that you spread the word, and that you want to be entered to win

3. If you have read A Crooked Mile, please let me know! I’ll include all of these people twice in the drawing, doubling the chances of winning!

4. If you are not in the US please let me know! While I can not send the book boxes to you, you can still enter for the custom postcards!

That’s it! In three weeks, on September 4th, I’ll randomly select the winners. It will be truly random using an online program to pick the names for me. The two book box winners will be chosen first, and then the ten postcard winners will come after (if there are enough people to do so). I will then get the goodies sent out ASAP!

I really would love for the new book to do well, and for the Rust series as a whole to be something I can feel truly proud of. I loved writing these stories and these characters, and it’s so important to me that these stories get told. I want to give something to the people who have supported me, and who are always happy to read my work and encourage me. It means the world!

So let’s do this and give away some fun stuff!

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