I know I’ve said it before, but it needs to be repeated yet again: I. Hate. Editing.

I love almost everything about the writing process, from coming up with ideas to putting them into novel format. The thing I despise most though is the dreaded editing process. It has never been fun for me, and that still rings true even as I’ve gotten older. I’m especially bad at self-editing because I want to rush through it despite really needing to take my time with it.

I’ve  been very lucky in one regard though as I’ve worked to get the Rust series good enough for others to read, in that I have friends who are willing to help me out. I can’t afford to pay for editing, that’s just the reality of it. It’s expensive, and while I do work a regular day job there isn’t money just laying around to spend $200-500 on editing each book that I write. Mandi and Jess have honestly been a Godsend for me through everything, and their patience and dedication is wonderful. They’re willing to not only beta read my work for me, but to pick it apart as well. They tell me what doesn’t sound good, what should be changed, where continuity disappears, and they catch as many errors as possible.

This is an immense help, and I hope they know how appreciated they are! I always read the novel myself after it’s finished (and I take a short break from it) and start to correct things I pick up on. I try to change around stuff that I feel doesn’t work, and say lines out loud to see if they flow as well as I hope that they do. After my first pass they go through it, and then we all do it again. Usually a book for me goes through 4-5 rounds of various editing before I feel it’s probably good enough. There have been times though that I’ve printed a book, noticed some mistakes, and gone back into fix them after the fact. It’s just part of that self-editing process for me, and I try not to let it bother me.

Most books, even traditionally published books from big name authors, have 1-2 small errors in them. Sometimes they have more, and that’s just the way of it. Stuff just slips through, and that’s okay. As long as you aren’t taken out of the story that’s all, at least to me, that really matters.

We’re in the thick of editing A Different Shade of Blue right now, which we actually began a year ago or so. We started on the book well before I was picked up by my previous publisher, and now that they’ve closed their doors we’re picking it back up again. I’m hopeful for a mid-September release, and I’m pretty excited about it honestly. It’s been a year and a half since A Crooked Mile came out, and it was never meant to take so long between  books. It was disheartening at the time, but it feels SO GOOD now to be back in the middle of it. Even if I really, and truly, hate editing.

What part of the writing process do you hate most? Or what part really takes it out of you? I know some people struggle with brain storming, or getting things organized. Others are like me and dread the time spent editing. Let me know what you struggle with!

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