I realize it’s been awhile since I posted here, and there are a few reasons for that. The first reason is that COVID really threw me off and put a damper on my need and want to be a creative person. With so much going on in the world and adjusting to the new normal for now, I just couldn’t get into anything. I’m slowly starting to regain my creative identity though, which is a good thing!

The main reason, however, is that I felt like I was really struggling with my publisher. Nothing was going forward with the Rust trilogy, and there was very little communication. Last night, however, I received an email that the publisher is folding because of COVID related money issues. They just can’t keep afloat right now, like a lot of businesses, and they’ve now released us all from our contracts with them. While it is disappointing to have spent eight months waiting for them only to have nothing to show for it, I’m also relieved that I can now move forward with the books as originally planned. I released A Crooked Mile a year ago in April, and then signed a contract with them before A Different Shade of Blue ever came out. I had intended to release it at the end of last year, but obviously had to pull that idea (and Crooked from being sold) in order to be part of the book deal.

Now I can resume my work on editing Blue, and move forward with it’s publication which is exciting! I’m really hoping for a release date around September 14th, which gives me about six weeks to get things in order. I was in the middle of hard edits when I stopped working on it myself, so I’m just simply going to pick right back up again. I’m going to buckle down hard on editing, and my cover designer has agreed to do the design for Blue as well which is fantastic! She did such a great job on the cover for Crooked, and I know she’ll knock it out of the park again for Blue!

Now comes the next question: when will the other two books be released?

A Different Shade of Blue is coming soon!

The third book in the series needs a serious overhaul in the storyline, much more so than the first two books needed. My main objective is to start tearing it apart piece by piece, and reconstructing it into a story that really fits the character better. I want to give her a great send off, and I want the readers who got to know her in  book one to see her grow and evolve the way I originally intended. Knowing all of that, and also knowing that NaNoWriMo is looming nearer and nearer, I’m hopeful that maybe we’ll see that one by the end of the year of the first of 2021.

As for book four, well, it’s place in line has shifted a little. I’ve decided instead of releasing that as the full blown four novel, I’m going to take it back and place it before book one as a sort of book 0.5 type of situation. It’s shorter than the other books for sure, and I don’t want to spend too much time padding it unnecessarily just to try and make it something it isn’t. So I’ll likely release it between books two and three for a lower price, to make it both more affordable for folks and as a little treat while I’m tearing down and rebuilding the third book in the series.

Got it? Good! I hope all of that made sense!

There is so much more I have to work on too, like SO MUCH. I got my writing planner out last night and put down on paper everything that’s finished, everything that’s halfway done, and everything that’s new and that I need to start working on. With the three Rust books back in my hands I now have six books in need of editing (and I HATE to edit), as well as two things that are halfway done, and several others that are in the beginning stages.

My writing planner keeps me going.

Right now here is the tentative plan going forward:

September 14th: Release date for A Different Shade of Blue (Rust #2)

October 1st: Release date for a short story or two for Halloween (One or two spooky shorts for $.99 in honor of my favorite holiday! These will be all new original short stories, which are a quirky project that is just for fun more than anything else.)

December: Possibly a release for the third Rust book I this time frame. Whether that is 0.5 or truly book #3 I don’t know yet! Though it’s entirely possible, if I get on the ball hard enough, that we could possibly see both by then.

January 2021: Book #3 in the Rust series should definitely be out no later than this, unless something goes very much awry. Fingers crossed, however, that things go smoothly!

That is all I know for certain at the moment. I know already what I plan to work on for NaNoWriMo this year, which is always a nice way to get started, I just need to work on outlining all the plot points so it doesn’t go off the rails. I want to get to editing on other things, so there could be some more release date news in the near future. It just depends on how things are going forward with the schedules for me and my editors, and how willing they are to work on things for me. I don’t expect them to drop everything and do this for me on a whim or full time or anything like that, and I feel lucky that they’re even doing it for me at all.

It’s just been a whirlwind, and I’m sorry that it’s taken so long for things to get back in order. I know we’re all feeling it, but I don’t want my creativity to continuously feel stifled. I feel less like myself when I’m not writing and putting words out into the world, and I hate that so much. So it’s time to stop finding excuses and dragging myself down and to get back to work!

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around through all of this, you’re the best! I’m sorry it’s been so long between books one and two, but I promise to get it rectified as fast as I can!

To my fellow writers, I hope you’re not struggling too! Or, if you were, I hope that you’re able to drag yourself back to the surface and get back to work. If you’re like me then it feels…suffocating almost to not have that outlet. Also if you’ve published anything since COVID began, or if you’re struggling for reviews and readership, please leave me a link to your stuff! I’d love to do some reviews and buy some indie stuff from folks right now! Both for me to read (reading is my second favorite hobby after writing) and to give you a boost!

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