Hey guys! It’s been a minute, but the weather and all that jazz have me a little down in the dumps. I haven’t felt like updating or doing much of anything, but I want to get back into a routine and so here we are. I figured we’d start with a brief update about the publication of the Rust trilogy:

I know nothing.

I wish I had more to tell everyone, and I wish I had some concrete dates and ideas, but I just…don’t. The publisher is a knew imprint so I’m sure things are going to take awhile, but I’m pretty much in the dark at the moment. The original idea was that the first book would be out at the end of this month/beginning of April, but since I haven’t heard anything and haven’t been talked to about editing and all yet I’m going to surmise that likely won’t happen.

When I know something, you’ll know something. Cross my heart!

Moving on to other pursuits, I was thinking a bit about the idea process. I don’t know how other writers do things, I only know how I do them. I have never been the type of person who can say oh, yes, I want to write a vampire novel and then I sit down and just do it. I don’t operate like that, and when I DO try and operate like that it turns out to be pretty dismal at best. Like the time I tried to write a werewolf story (Crimson, for those keeping track at home) and totally stalled.

Wanting to write something and being able to execute it are not mutually exclusive for me, unfortunately. Though I do get lots of ideas, and honestly they just come to me out of nowhere.

For example:

It’s Monday, and I just walked in the door at work. As I was starting to get things ready to open for the day and idea hit me out of the blue. At first it was just a blip of something, but as I made my way around the office turning on lights and booting up computers, the idea expanded until I had to grab a piece of paper to write down the bits and bobs as they came to me.

That’s how it almost always is for me, and it’s always been that way. Something just clicks and the idea is there. Once I have the generally scope of it I can start to flesh it out, and from there I do an outline and then, eventually, a novel.

What’s your idea process like? Are you able to just take something that interests you and write it? I wish I could do that, believe me! For now, however, my process works for me and hasn’t, thus far, steered me wrong.

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