With the Rust series in the editing queue at the publisher, and with a few other projects finished up, I’ve now settled into this strange place where I’m working primarily on brand new things.

New things can be pretty scary.

I had an idea in the back of my mind for The Dreaming Summer for quite some time. It was never anything solid, just ideas that I wrote down and intended to form into something bigger later on. I wrote the bit of it (one page, but an important page) back in July and didn’t touch it again until a couple of weeks ago. With A Shark In Lola’s Pond now finished and a lot of other projects mostly in the rear view, it just felt like time.

I went into it with a more well constructed idea and plot, though I’m still not quite sure what feels right with the story. I’m just working on feeling out the characters and the situations, and building a brand new town for the setting.

I’m also working on building a good horror/ghost story right now, and trying to finally rework Crimson into something palatable. After as many years of struggling and re-starts as I’ve had with that one you’d think I’d give it up, but I’m still hanging onto it with both hands for whatever reason.

It feels strange to be at a point where I have more things in editing and publishing than I have in my current projects folder. Has that ever happened to you, fellow writers? Have you ever gotten strangely ahead of yourself and built up a backlog? Its’ a foreign concept for me, and definitely not something I’e ever done before!

I just hope I keep up the ideas, and keep fleshing out things as they come to me. I sure don’t want the pool to run dry, though that does happen sometimes. Fingers crossed there’s no writers block on my horizon! I’m really loving the roll I’m on right now. I especially am enjoying playing with different genres and story types. It’s nice to get out of my comfort zone!

If you’re writing, what are you working on? If you’re a reader, let me know your current reading list!

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