This weeks excerpt comes from a book that is still in the editing process, but that I hope to publish potentially by the end of the year. What is Rag & Bone about? Well, I’ll tell you!

Rag & Bone is the story of Avery Carstairs, a teenage boy who finds himself utterly alone after a deadly virus wipes out everyone and everything he has ever known.  Life has become less about living and more about raw survival, and we watch as Avery and his dog, Tilly, try to make a place in this new world. 

In this excerpt we join Avery in the middle of his journey. He is young, he is alone, and winter is coming sooner rather than later. Will he survive? Or will the Ruger virus succeed in destroying humanity in it's entirety?
Read the full excerpt from Rag & Bone below.

The world was a quiet place, but it hadn’t always been that way. Two years ago there had been the steady buzz of electricity, the muted conversations from the television, the honk of car horns and the revving of engines. Now there were only the whispers of nature, the sounds that nobody had ever really regarded as more than glorified background noise. Now there was just the faint hiss of the wind blowing through trees, water flowing over rocks, and animals prowling through under brush. Sounds that became more prominent, that were brought more to the foreground now that everything else had fallen away.

Seventeen year old Avery Carstairs had never thought much about these things until the day the power finally went out five months previous. The hum of the lights had been his last and final tie to the old world save for the static of the radio that he could never get tuned into anything substantial. He had missed it at first, the sounds of the power moving through the lines, but as with everything else that had happened he moved on quickly. There was no choice anymore but to move on, to see what was going to happen next.

            The unincorporated town, if you could call it that, of Graven was located about three miles off the main road, which wasn’t saying much since the main road wasn’t anything to write home about itself. There wasn’t a lot to Graven or the nearby town of Carter Springs, which at least had a leg up because it was on the map and had a town government. Carter Springs also boasted a couple of gas stations, a grocery store, and a bank. That was all there was to it, but Avery had always been happy enough. Small town life had suited him, but that was when he had had a family to fall back on.

            Back before the loneliness had become his only friend and ally.

            He sat now in the shadowy old post office he called home, bundled inside a couple of heavy blankets he’d lifted from a nearby house. He was eating pickled sausages out of a plastic jar, pausing every few bites to give one to Tilly, his beagle and only other surviving family member. He’d brought her with him after leaving the sick house, craving companionship and feeling a sense of duty to her. He had raised her from a pup, and he would not abandon her now even when the world was crumbling around them.

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