So here we are, a week into a new decade and a new year! That is pretty wild, but at the same time also kind of nice. It’s always interesting to start over with a new year, to try and do things differently to see if they work better.

One thing I always try going into a new year is getting organized. Getting there is, of course, the easy part. It’s keeping things that way that I tend to have a bit of trouble with. This year though I have a lot more going on than usual, so I decided it was time to fall back on a trusty college lifesaver: the planner.

A co-worker of mine gave me a little planner for Christmas, and I keep it in my car so I can write down things that come up while I’m out or at work. To keep track of my many projects and things this year, however, I needed something a bit larger. After a lot of searching, reviews, and generally exhausting the strangely vast world of information on planners I settled on The Legend Planner.

It came today.

I am very impressed.

It basically allows me to keep track of my goals (yearly goals and three months goals), my inspiration, my moods, my month overall, and my week broken down. It’s pretty, it’s efficient, and it will probably save my life a few times over the course of 2020.

Besides the planner, I’m also trying to just overall more organized with my work as far as writing goes. I want to set aside dedicated time, and make achievable goals for myself each week. I tend to write a lot at once, burn out, and then take a break. I don’t want to be that person anymore if I can manage it.

I have a lot of ambitious plans for myself in 2020 though! First there’s the publishing of all three Rust books. Or, at least, that’s what I’ve been told more or less. They plan to try and get all three books out this year, which is super exciting and I’m so ready for it.

The biggest challenge there is combining what would have originally been books one and three into one solid novel, and also doing re-writes and editing on what is now book three. I’m not happy with it at all, so it’s going to take some considerable work to get it where it needs to be for publication.

Besides the Rust books, however, I have a bunch of other stuff I’m working on. I went to finish at least three to four other novels this year. I don’t mean just editing them or polishing them up, I mean full out writing them. I have one already near completion, but the rest have to be written into a first draft.

I also want to get better with editing this year. I’ve never liked to self-edit, and I want to set aside each week to do a couple of hours worth on different novels. So that’s another thing for the planner!

It’s going to be a busy year, but I think it will ultimately be a good one! When I have a publication schedule for the trilogy I will share it, and if I have any publication updates for the other books I have I will share that as well! Who knows, maybe 2020 will see me self-publish something else!

What are you guys doing for 2020? Are you writing a new book? Publishing? Let me know!

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