I can’t believe that we are only two days away from a new year and a new decade! How wild is that? I decided that I would do one last blog update for 2019, and talk a little bit about what is coming in the next year.

The first, and biggest, thing is the release of the Rust trilogy with One Odd Bird Press. As most of you know I published A Crooked Mile independently through Amazon back in the spring of this year, but it has recently been pulled thanks to my new contract. If you already read this book, trust me when I say it is going to be bigger and better on the re-release! We’re combining A Crooked Mile with book three (Before That Winter) to make one cohesive novel and start to the trilogy. A Different Shade Of Blue will likely follow quickly in publication, since it is already finished and just needs revision, with book three somewhere up ahead. I have it written, but it needs a lot of work so that will take some time.

As of right now I don’t have any potential release dates, but when I do I will certainly let everyone know via social media and this blog!

I finished other novels in 2019 that have yet to see the light of day, though I wish very much to change that. I’m interested in working more on revising and editing Rag & Bone, and I’m a short bit of writing away from a first draft of A Shark In Lola’s Pond. That’s another I’m interested in editing and getting out there fairly quickly. Not to mention I need to get illustrations done for Bookish, and I also want to start revamping and tweaking my NaNoWriMo novel The Heart of War. I think it has potential, so hopefully we might see that too!

Mostly what I want to do is set myself a good writing schedule. I’m applying for a new job that would change my schedule if I got it, but I will still be able to write around it. It’s just a matter of finding a new groove. If I get hired, that is. That remains to be seen since it hasn’t even posted for application yet.

The point is that once I know what is going on heading into 2020 then I can make a solid writing schedule for myself. It worked well for me this year, setting monthly goals and personal deadlines, and I’d like to continue that. For now though my priority is the Rust trilogy, followed by polishing up some other finished works to get out there into the world.

2020 is going to be a good year, I can just feel it! Things are on the up, I think, and I’m just really excited to bring more of my words into the world. For those of you who followed me this year and who fell in love with Alec and Ramona, I thank you so very much. It’s been a crazy time, but I feel very lucky and very elated!

Happy new year!

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