Signing my new contract!

If you follow my Facebook, then you would have noticed an announcement a day or two ago about the publication of A Different Shade of Blue being put on hold. I gave no explanation at the time, as nothing was set in stone, but as of today I feel that I can finally put it into the world: I’ve been talking to a publisher and they have offered me a contract!

I know, right? I’m in a total state of shock right now too!

I was approached several days ago by a small indie publisher who had received information about A Crooked Mile from a different publisher that I had solicited over a year ago. I don’t know who told them about me (I know the publisher name but not the specific person), but I thank them immensely! They felt that my story might be a good fit for this publisher, and they requested to see the entire manuscript. Caught completely off guard I gladly sent them the full, which was the last edited version that became the book I self-published. I mentioned that it was part of a series, and after reading book one they requested to look at the other three.

Long story short, they talked to me about some extensive editing that would need to be done and some ideas that they had. It was decided that books three (Before That Winter) and one (A Crooked Mile) would be merged together into one single novel to kick off a trilogy. They will be followed by A Different Shade of Blue and then the Ramona story that is currently called The Way Home. A lot of work will have to be done to make all of this happen, but honestly I’m over the moon.

It feels good to know that someone enjoys and believes in these characters and their stories the way that I do. Especially since this came out of left field and I didn’t see its approach from ten feet away. It’s certainly a surprise, but the best kind in my humble opinion. They have a great marketing plan focused on utilizing all different types of online media, and they seem to have good heads on their shoulders. They’re people who are familiar with the business in many different ways, and that makes me feel comfortable handing all these words of mine over to them.

This obviously means that, for now, A Crooked Mile has been pulled from publication and everything going on with A Different Shade of Blue has been halted. Once I know more about everything I’ll of course let all of you know too, since this experience is a newish one for me.

I have worked with a publisher before for Endless Numbered Days, but that experience ultimately left a lot to be desired. While they did offer editing and cover design and that sort of thing it was clear that authors were expected to do marketing entirely on their own and the company itself didn’t really utilize social media to garner sales at all. While those folks were nice and believed in my story, it wasn’t exactly how I thought that it would be. I have much higher hopes for this situation, and I think that these ladies are really passionate as both authors and readers which will motivate them to make each book the best that it can be.

Right now the biggest hurdle will be fusing two novels into one good, cohesive story that melts nicely from one part into another. I’m sure they have some good ideas about that, and as I am a terrible self-editor their guidance in this particular matter will be well met. Once things are in motion properly and I have an idea of dates and that sort of thing I’ll make sure to post in all the appropriate places.

If you purchased and/or read A Crooked Mile in its original format, I implore you to give the new version a chance when it arrives! It will be better, I think, and will give a lot more insight into the characters and how they got to the point they were at when we arrived in their lives in book one. It won’t just be a rehash of the first book with a new cover, not at all, and I don’t want anyone who loved the first book to miss out!

So yes, that is the big news and it’s super exciting for me! I also want to thank Mandi and Jess for all their hard work helping me edit A Crooked Mile and for the work they also did on Blue. Also a big thanks to Mandi for her gorgeous cover art that gave us so much grief when it came to formatting, and at least now she doesn’t have to fret with Blue! I couldn’t have published the first book at all without their help, and I hope they know how much I appreciate everything they did for me, these books, and these characters!

2020 is going to be a good year, guys! I can just feel it in my bones!

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