I can’t believe that August is over! That is so crazy! I wanted to do a wrap up post for the month, just to cover what I consider to be my successes and my failures. I feel it helps me to write those things down, and to understand what adjustments I need to make in my writing schedule.

I always start each and every month with a spreadsheet that lays out what I want to accomplish, as I’ve posted here before. I have word count goals for each novel I’m working on, as well as a bunch of editing goals for things I’ve already finished. As per my usual, however, things eventually went off the rails when I became hyper focused on just one project. That being said this tunnel vision of mine allowed me to complete a very rough first draft of Then She Grew Up (title change to be announced soon), which was really nice. That’s one more thing off the list, so check on that!

I also completed a full read-through of Before That Winter, which I hadn’t done since I wrote the first draft. I want to get it all into one new document to see if my word count changed at all, and then I’ll hopefully start on a second draft which is going to be much more in-depth. Also on the horizon is printing out a copy of A Different Shade of Blue so I can do hardline editing that way. I always do better at catching mistakes if I have a printed copy, that’s for sure. Once I’ve done that I’ll hopefully have the edits in from my great editors, and can start the process of final drafting it!

All in all I consider August to be a success as far as writing and editing go. Did I accomplish everything on my spreadsheet? Absolutely not, but I made a lot of headway and I’m not going to shirk that. Editing is my least favorite part of the writing process, it’s so difficult for me to edit myself and to go through everything with a fine tooth comb, so even a good read-through and picking out small errors in a total document is a win I will gladly accept.

September-October are going to be more difficult months, however. I’m going on vacation at the very end of September, which means I’ll be stagnant for a full week. The following week I’ll have company, but I’ll be back at work where I can hopefully get in some writing. In October then I have a slight break for a couple of weeks and then I have more company coming in. We’ll be hosting a huge Halloween party and getting that ready the week of, but then comes NaNoWriMo which excites me! Last year we did a fun write-in on November first, and we really got in a good count. I’m hoping to do that again this year, especially if I have all my research completed for the project I’m saving for it.

My main goal right now is to get A Different Shade of Blue out before the end of the year. In December it will be nine months since I published A Crooked Mile, and I want to get the second book out while people are still thinking about it. I have no slated release dates yet for the other two books in the series, especially considering I just finished the fourth and last. I have some other books completed too that I would like to release, and one of them requires illustrations so it’s slow going.

I think that about does it for this post though! Did you guys have a successful month of writing? Did you read anything good? Let me know!

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