The first week of August has been a little slower going than I had hoped for. I did mange though to get to 10,000 words in Then She Grew Up (which I have changed the title of, but I’m keeping that to myself for right now), which was my goal for yesterday. I also hit x-amount of words on Lola, which was another milestone! I think that tomorrow I’ll try some editing, though if the writing bug is there I want to indulge it. I can almost always sit down and get a few words out, but there are times when I get into a real zone and can churn out a lot in a short period of time. Those moments come in fits and starts though so I have to latch onto them while they’re there!

It’s time to really settle into a deep edit of Blue. That is the next book slated for release, and I have to convince myself to set some deadlines. Not just for Blue, but for the other completed projects so I quite dawdling on them. The material is there, it’s all ready to go, so I just need to push myself. I don’t want to be one of those people who puts out something new every single month, that will oversaturate the readers who DO want to follow me. I know there are some people who love getting something new every month, but with myself I think it’s overkill. Or maybe I’m wrong, who knows!

I just know that a release every couple of months or so will suit me better, so a schedule is coming soon. Once I have it I’ll try to post it here so people know what they can tentatively expect (as things are always subject to change at a moment’s notice).

We’re in August now, so it’s time to think ahead to NaNoWriMo too. Maybe I’ll select one of my projects that I’m working on/toward now for that, or maybe inspiration will strike and I’ll get a new idea. If I do I’ll likely tuck it away for November so I have something to work on for just that month. I won’t lie…NaNo has been VERY good to me. Endless Numbered Days began as a NaNo project, even though I didn’t complete it during that particular year. A Crooked Mile was written entirely during NaNo, as was A Different Shade of Blue. I’ve written Crimson twice in that time frame, as well as a horror novel and what I originally did with Bookish.

Do you do NaNoWriMo? Have you published your novel written during November? If you don’t do NaNo then how do you feel about it? I’m genuinely curious!

I think that’s about it for my first week of writing in August. I want to try and get a lot done since I’ll lose a week or so at the end of September for vacation.

Let’s hope week 2 has some better progress!

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