So we’re basically at the end of July! This month went pretty quickly, but I did manage to accomplish quite a bit of writing and organizing. While I wish I had done a lot more, I think it’s important to pace yourself as a writer. I’m never going to be one of those people who can release a book a month, that just isn’t how I am. It takes me too long to edit and make things as good as I can make them, and the whole process tends to slow me way down.

I managed to do outlines for all of my upcoming projects, and have started editing on those that are already finished. I’m taking my time with my read-throughs, but what I really need to do is print off hardcopies. It’s a task to do that when there are hundreds of pages, but I find I do better line editing for myself when I have a print copy. I can kick back outside with a cup of tea, lounge, and read without having to lug my laptop with me. I’ll probably get on that soon, either buying ink for my own printer or heading to the library to turn over some hard earned money in exchange for pages. We’ll see!

I always start out trying to write on various projects at one time. It works to an extent, but then one particular story always jumps out at me and I’ll hyper-focus on it until I finish it. Right now it’s Lola’s story that has me sucked in. I’m really enjoying writing about her and Finn (they’re the two main characters) and I’m just really enjoying myself there.

I’m also very excited to get to join a local writers group! They all seem like awesome people, and I always enjoy getting to meet other authors. They’re trying to arrange a book signing for early September, so I really hope it’s a time and date when I can make it and get to join in on the fun.

I’ve always been working on boosting sales for A Crooked Mile. It’s hard going, I won’t lie, but I’m still trying. It does motivate me though to get A Different Shade of Blue out sooner rather than later, since books in a series tend to sell better than stand alone books do. I also have the third book in the series in editing, and I’m working on book number four too. Four will definitely be the end, it’s just time to let go of those places and those characters. I love them so much, and I’m so proud of what I did with them, but you gotta know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.

Do you guys have characters that you’re hopelessly attached to? Is it hard for you to stop writing about them even when their stories are pretty obviously over? Or is it just me?

Here is what my writing/editing schedule looks like for August:

Pretty on par with what I was hoping to accomplish in July. I may not have stuck rigidly to the schedule, but I did manage to accomplish some goals just the same.

Also for those who are interested, here is a snippet from A Shark In Lola’s Pond:

Alright, well, it’s on to August! Let’s hope this month brings lots of book sales, writing, and more goals met for the year.

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