So as a writer if I don’t set goals for myself I accomplish…basically nothing, honestly. What I like to personally do is create a spreadsheet for myself with everything I hope to accomplish in a week and then I try to check everything off. Sometimes I manage to do this, sometimes I fall a little short. This week went pretty well, and here’s a break down of what I managed!

The Dreaming Summer:  I decided on my final ideas for this novel, and did a layout for all the chapters. I use layouts as a loose guideline for what I want to achieve, otherwise I’m all over the place. They really help me to stay focused and not stray off into the unknown, and while I may tweak them as I go they really work for me!

The Heart of War: This is historical fiction, so I not only did a layout for this novel I also started doing research. While fiction does afford some leeway it is still based in fact, and I don’t want to be the person who completely makes up some large aspect of WWII. That won’t fly.

Then She Grew Up: I had two different ideas for how this novel would go, and I ended up mashing them together. I know where I’m going now, which is pretty good!

Rag & Bone:  The first two chapters have now been edited! I started my first pass on this one!

Bookish: I did another two chapter edit on this one. I’m also starting to consider the illustrations as I go along.

Before That Winter: This book will come next in publication after Blue, and so it’s getting a much more heavy edit. I’m doing a read through and noting the things that need to be fixed and where I need to add in and remove things. I started that process last week.

Crimson: I don’t want to talk about it, oi.

Blue: I’m starting the publishing process with this, and it’s slow going. I’m waiting on my editors now, and then I can start to focus more on things like cover art and all that.

A Shark In Lola’s Pond: I started writing on this story this week! I got about 5,000 words but I was also doing layouts and things that took a lot of my attention. Now that those are out of the way I can start to focus on writing on each story and not worry about anything else besides editing. Yeehaw!

It was a productive week, that’s for sure. There will be weeks where I don’t get much done, or maybe I don’t touch every single project. Which is okay. The point of the “schedule” is to make sure I’m doing SOMETHING, no matter what it is. I try my best to be organized with my writing, because that is the only way I manage to accomplish things. I thrive during NaNoWriMo for that reason. I pre-plan, I have an idea, and then I just dive in. Having a set time to accomplish a goal means I manage more with my time, and that is really what I have to do when working, doing book reviews, and trying to take time for myself too.

It’s really just all about balance.

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