Since I put out A Crooked Mile I’ve taken a little bit of a break from writing to just catch my breath. Tonight I finally sat down, sorted out what there is to do, and I’m ready to get back into a pattern again! Part of it also was a much needed break to read and just see what’s out there in terms of popular fiction right now, and I feel satisfied enough to start putting in a few hours a day with my own words again.

As of right now I have four things that are finished and are in need of editing. Those are: A Different Shade of Blue (Rust #2), Bookish, Rag & Bone, and Before That Winter (Rust #3).

Blue is the most polished of those four, and will be the next book released sometime this fall/winter. I did my first round of edits, and it’s currently with my two editors who are getting to it when they can. I don’t feel a need to rush it, so they’re able to take their time. After Blue I naturally want to rush Before That Winter, but I’m not going to do that. I want people to have a breather from Rust before we revisit it, so I’m thinking that Rag & Bone should come next.

Rag & Bone is very different, and I just hope it doesn’t put off the people who are here for the Rust books. I worry about that, but it was a book I wanted to write and so I did!

As far as Bookish goes, we’ll see. I want illustrations for it since it’s a middle grades style story, and I think that would really make it pop. No ETA on that so it will likely come last of those four no matter what.

On the horizon there’s still Crimson! The Wolves of Winter books are killing me, ya’ll. I’ve worked on this for years and just can’t be satisfied. It may be a WIP forever at this point!

Everything else is totally new! A Shark In Lola’s Pond, Then She Grew Up (Rust #4), Heart of War, and The Dreaming Summer are all brand new things and brand new ideas. To be fair Heart of War is an idea I toyed with before, but it’s with different characters, plot, and whatnot. So…similar but not really quite the same. Everything else though is new to me!

Then She Grew Up will also be different. The first three Rust books are more young adult, but this one will transcend that into more adult territory. Ramona couldn’t stay a teenage girl forever, alas!

So that’s where I am right now. I’m about to mock up a new writing schedule for myself to get back into the grove, especially with editing. I’ll also be back to the life list posts next weekend as planned!

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