I made bookmarks!

I feel like I’ve been working towards this day for a long, long time. In reality I wrote this book in November of 2017, but it seems so much longer ago than that!

Immediately after finishing the first draft I put it aside, which I always do after I finish a book, and then let myself having breathing room. I picked it up again in January and printed it out totally to do the first round of editing. I worked on that off and on for weeks (I hate self-editing) and then, eventually, started thinking about what came next. I was two drafts in and seeking some help, and so I went to my friends. Jess and Mandi proved to be immeasurable to me, they were my fearless team members who pointed out my mistakes, told me what they did and did not like, and made me truly believe in the story that I had written.

Three drafts later I started querying agents and publishers, and the book sat in limbo for MONTHS with a publisher who wasn’t quite sure. Eventually they decided on a conditional no, willing to accept me and my story if I made some pretty big changes. I wasn’t willing to compromise what I believed in for my characters and made the choice that very next day to self publish.

From there it was a whirlwind of editing, cover design (again kudos to Mandi!), more editing, more designing, and a learning curve like no other. The end result is this beautifully bound 215 page novel that I hope people love as much as I do.

The first trip to Rust, Montana is finished but the story honestly isn’t. The sequel should be arriving sometime this year, and then the third story in the trilogy sometime after that. I have one novella in the works for this world I’ve created, as well as a possible fourth novel. I also have some other finished works to work through in the mean time, as well as a lot of other things on my plate. For now though I want to just enjoy this moment!

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