So after the last rejection letter I received, after literal months of run around, I decided to take things in an entirely new direction. I had been traditionally published before, but something I had never even fully considered was self-publishing. I know a lot of authors that have done it, but I just never felt brave enough. That last letter though pushed me over an edge, and I decided that I want to be in charge of my own fate. I want to tell my stories, I want to do this as best I can, and so I decided to give it a try.

Here is the skinny: I, like a lot of other writers, don’t make a lot of money. I have my day job and it pays the bills, but I don’ t exactly have cash laying around in droves to spend on a whim. I’m lucky because I have two great friends who not only offered to read some of my drafts but to edit them as well. Is this the same as true, professional editing? Obviously not. Do I believe this caught most of the glaring errors and missteps in my novels while keeping me on my budget? Yes, I do. I’m paying them with love, adoration, and free books and we all seem to like this arrangement.

I have several friends who are great at design and digital art, so I had someone to help me work on the cover. That is another enormous cost that I would love to be able to afford, but at this present time just can’t. I know I’m cutting corners that some people say you can’t cut, but I’m willing to do that because I truly believe in what I’m writing. Perhaps a cover can push more copies sold, but having a good story means more to me right now so here we are!

One thing I’m sparing some money for is advertising. I want to at least make sure people know my book exists. I won’t be able to spend a ton of money, but I have a budget and I think I can make it work somewhat.

Do I think that my book will sell thousands of copies? While I wish that were so, I know it isn’t true. That’s a fact I’m okay with though, because it isn’t about copies sold necessarily. It’s just about knowing that my words deserved to be read, and that I made that happen.

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