My weekend was lit(ish)!

I spent Sunday, my only full day off a week from my job, diligently writing and working on a project that’s nearly done. By nearly done I merely mean the first draft is almost complete, which would mean my second completed draft since the first of the year. I want to slow it down a little soon to work on editing some other stuff, mostly the two books in the series that come behind the one I’m currently querying.

Querying. Is there a worse word for a writer? I can handle rejection all day long, but waiting flares up my anxiety and just really gets to me. If you want to reject me that’s absolutely fine, I can deal and move on pretty easily. I mean nobody likes being rejected, but as a writer you learn that you will get many more rejections than you will requests for fulls or offers put on the table.

Let us now talk briefly about my current novel that is being queried, and more specifically my current feelings of total agony.

The horror!

I started querying for A Crooked Mile back in September, so more or less about six months ago give or take. I got lots of rejections, and plenty of just flat out nothings. The rule sort of seems to go that if you don’t hear back at all in about twelve weeks or so that they just aren’t interested, which is fine. I had figured that everyone I had queried was hitting the time limit, and then a pretty well known publisher (independent but big) emailed me to let them know their editors wanted more time to consider it. I said sure.

It’s February and there has still been no decision. We’ve been in touch, they’re still considering, but it’s driving my anxiety through the roof. This is not their fault at all, they’re doing what they need to do and I’m glad they’re taking their time and not rushing one way or another, but oh man. The waiting is so awful! I was in contact again today and they assured me there will be a decision soon.

I hope they’re right!

I have serial killer handwriting, sorry!

I have already written three books in the Rust trilogy, and I said that I was done with that world and those characters. Then, out of nowhere, the idea for two new stories hit me today. One has the potential to be a spin-off from the original series as a full fledged novel, the other is more of a…novella maybe? Something shorter/smaller. I’m not sure how I feel about series that do things like have books 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 3.5 and so on. I don’t know really, but these projects would be a little further down the pipeline so I’m not overthinking it too much right now. I’d like to get the first one out there first and see how it goes.

This post mainly exists to share my anxiety riddled feelings toward querying. Carry on!

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