The most satisfying feeling in the world!

I had set a lot of goals for January, but most of them were rather small. What I wanted to accomplish was to write a few chapters on all my current works-in-progress and to edit a sizable chunk of my last completed story. What ended up happening was that I did all those things, and then became hyper-focused on one particular piece of work.

That novel is the third, and last, in my Rust trilogy titled Before That Winter. I think I just felt a sudden urgency to complete that last bit of the puzzle, to get it all out of system so I could free up my brain for other things.

It’s not a long first draft, it’s just over 50,000 words long, but I wrote a total of about 78,000 words across the board for the month of January so I’ll take it. It was just nice to finish something else, move it to the side, and press on.

Of course now I have more editing to add to the plate. Does anyone in the world actually like editing? Asking for a friend!

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