I finished this book last night, but I needed some time to ruminate on how I wanted to go about reviewing it. Let me start with this first and foremost: I was very, very disappointed. I don’t dole out low star ratings lightly, normally I can glean enough from a book to justify a pretty good start rating. However this gets, at best, a 2.5 from me. I just can’t give it anything more. 

First of all this book was way too over hyped, and I was super psyched up about it. Generally I know better than to set the bar too high, but I did anyway and that was part of the problem. Another issue I guess was that I thought the book was going to be entirely different. I’m not sure what I thought, but it wasn’t…this. Not that the premise was bad once I got into it, it just didn’t do it for me.

I like to get spooked by “horror” novels, I love that sense of being creeped out and getting the chills. This book gave me none of that. I know a lot of people talked about the gore factor and how this book really grossed them out, and while I can see how that would work for some people….I never found myself particularly disgusted. Gore doesn’t do anything for me, and it never has. I became very, very desensitized to it after working on my college degree in criminology, where I saw every type of gore imaginable. Some of it just mostly felt unnecessary, like it was there for shock value and nothing more.

The most intriguing parts of the book had little to do with the main plot and the biological issues at hand, and for me Shel was probably the most intriguing thing. I mean the odds of a little psychopathic teenager being stuck on the island with everyone while they’re also fighting off a contagion of some sort are pretty slim, but hey, it lent something new to the plot that I sort of liked. People like Shelley do exist in the world, and they are opportunist for sure. So those parts were the ones that held my interest for awhile, though even that faltered after a little while.

I just….really didn’t care for this. The writing was good, the plot wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Especially not when I went in expecting to be deliciously creeped out and instead found out I was reading about glorified super tape worms.

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