Hey everyone! I know, it’s been a hot minute, huh? I’m here now though, with an all new website and lots of information to share with everyone! I realize it’s been ages since I published Endless Numbered Days, but trust me when I say that I’ve been busy.

After a little bit of a hiatus because of anxiety and depression and general writers block, I was able to complete a new novel in 2017. That novel, A Crooked Mile, was lovingly edited for me by Mandi and Jess and is currently with a publisher for consideration! I won’t say more than that for fear of jinxing myself, but still!

In 2018 I finished a sequel to that novel, A Different Shade of Blue, which I am in the process of editing right now. Obviously we won’t see that one for awhile, but it’s nice to know that it exists in my lexicon.

During my downtime I struggled a lot and was very unhappy with my writing. I worked feverishly on a supernatural fantasy novel titled Crimson, but it never got completed. That changes this year! I have a few different things I’m working on and finally finishing Crimson, the first in a duology, along with a few other things I want to talk about.

I’m trying my hand for the first time at the post-apocalyptic scene with a story called Rag & Bone, and writing for a middle grades audience by finishing up another incomplete work titled Bookish. There is also a third book to finish out the Rust Trilogy (A Crooked Mile & A Different Shade of Blue being the first two) called Before That Winter. I have also somehow lost a jump drive with the first chapters of my only real attempt at horror on it, and I am trying hard to find it. If I do it’s also on the horizon, and I am so ready!

I want 2019 to be my year. I’m tired of sitting on so much material that the rest of the world isn’t seeing. I want to believe in myself more as a writer, I want to put myself out there and let my characters be known. I love so many of them so dearly, they’re close to my heart, and it’s important to me that I stop wasting time. I’ve lost too many people I love, have suffered to much heartache in recent years, to keep being afraid and letting my anxieties win when it comes to this.

I will keep this blog updated more, especially since I’m cross-posting my many book reviews here for everyone to read! I will keep everyone abreast of my progress, and try to post information and excerpts when and if I can. While I can’t say too much yet about A Crooked Mile, I can tell you this: the header I chose for the new site is an homage to the fictional town of Rust that I created just for my series.

Cheers to 2019!

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