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If this had been written by anyone else, I honestly would have given it a three instead of a four star rating. Martin has a way with words though, that’s for sure, and the man can world build like nobodies business. His writing is always so beautiful and his work so well thought out that I can’t fault him for that at all.

What I can fault him for, however, are two separate things with this. The first thing is that did we really need this? Sure, it was interesting enough. I think what we all really want though is the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series that we’ve been waiting for for far too long. It’s a little crazy to me that we’re still waiting on the next book when the television show is about to run it’s course and end. Can we just find out what actually happens to Jon Snow already!?

Excuse me. I’m a little upset about this.

The second thing is that this book, though well put together and well written, reads painfully like a history text book. Which is obviously the point, but sometimes it was downright difficult to slog through. There were very fast-paced and interesting parts that really got my attention, and then we’d go through periods of nothing really happening and it felt like it would drag. I found myself reading it more slowly than I read most things, because I kept having to put it down. I’d feel myself getting sleepy and I’d have to stop or risk not retaining any of the information in front of me.

Also this is apparently just book one, which means there are probably at least two more left to go. I’m not sure how far he’ll go with the next one(s), if it will lead all the way up through Daenerys and her brother or what, but maybe it will get a lot more interesting and exciting when we get into the history we’re a little more familiar with but that hasn’t been fully fleshed out for us in the main series.

George, my man, I beseech you. Please give us Winds Of Winter already. We’re desperate here, and while this was a nice glimpse into the past of the story, I’d rather catch up to the present.

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