Endless Numbered Days has officially been released by Martin Sisters Publishing! It has been a very long, and very difficult, journey but here I am! My goal has always been to be published before 30, and I came in just under the wire (my birthday is in November). The book has not yet had an “unofficial” release moment, but that is definitely forthcoming. I’m currently working to plan out several release events, which has me both excited and nervous.

For as long as I can remember I have written for myself and for no one else. So to have my words and thoughts out there in the world…well, suffice to say it is terrifying, truly. I can’t believe that I’ve done it, that I’ve become brave enough and sure enough to do this. To put myself out there for ridicule and scrutiny, but I’m prepared for it. I’m prepared for those who won’t like my story, or who would tear me apart. That’s okay, I can deal! I’ve worked too hard to let anyone bring me down, that’s for sure!

The most important thing for me, however, is not myself or the reviews or any of that. It’s the characters, and most importantly it’s Jack Meadowes. Jack has been with me for a long time, parading around in my brain. He’s shown up here and there, I’ve written him countless times over, and sharing him with the world is the hardest part. For those who read END, knowing this and knowing how dear he is to me, you will better understand the ending than anyone else. It’s a way for me to let the world know Jack, while still somehow keeping him to myself.

Just read it! I promise you’ll understand it so much better if you just read it!

As a child I wanted to be a writer. I just always knew that, even when I was very young. I had dreams of it, of having a book, of having my name on a shelf with all those people I so loved and admired. To have my character exist in such a beautiful universe with so many other wonderful and memorable characters. Will I ever be JK Rowling, certainly not, but I got to have my version of the dream come true and that is what matters most.

If you read Endless Numbered Days, I would so much love feedback from you. On Amazon or on Goodreads. Let me know what you think, what you feel, and how it did or did not impact you. Good or bad, I’m in this and I can’t go back now.

I wouldn’t want to even if I could!

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