Hey all! It’s been awhile since I updated here, and I just wanted to let everyone know what I’m currently working on.

Endless Numbered Days – Currently with the publisher in queue for editing. Hopefully before long I’ll know more and can share it with you, but for now this novel is totally out of my hands.

A Fire of Unknown OriginThis is the official title for the short works collection! I’m nearly finished with it, I’ve just had to find some more pieces to insert to give it a bit more length and oomph. I decided to remove the novella that was originally part of this collection to make it it’s own stand alone piece. I had originally hoped to have this up for sale by now, but as it often goes that isn’t really going to happen. It’ll be another couple of weeks most likely, so I’m reaching for an October 1st ‘release’.

Bookish – Stand alone novella that was originally supposed to be part of the short works collection. I’ve decided instead to finish this story and put it up in pieces for free before offering it for sale for something like .99 once the entire thing is up. Just so anyone who wants a hard copy can have one.

Drops In The Ocean – The sequel to Endless Numbered Days. I haven’t talked much about this story to anyone, but I figured it was time to at least make it’s presence known in the world. Set in the future this story follows Emma Montgomery and her life beyond the events of END. I don’t want to give away any more than that, just know that I’m really excited to continue her story and see where things take her. Currently I am storyboarding and laying out the details and outline for this novel. I plan to begin writing it soon, within the next week if not sooner.

Fireflies Flash – (Working title) This is the prequel to Endless Numbered Days and chronicles the life of Jack Meadowes, following him through the events that lead him to where we find him in END. I have not begun any work on this story just yet, I want to work on more immediately projects first, most prominently DITO. Once I have a more definite plan laid out then I can start work, but for now this is just on the back burner waiting for it’s time to shine.

So that is where I am right now! I’m really excited to be writing again, though it’s hard because of school. I want to get some serious work done on these projects, and hope that I can finish up AFOUO as soon as possible to get it out there. I hope you guys are all well, and I’m going to try and update more in the future!


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