When I finished up Endless Numbered Days and after I took a little bit of a break I started compiling old pieces together for a short works collection. I hesitate to call it a short ‘story’ collection because it also includes flash fiction and poetry. I’ve been writing a couple of totally original pieces as well just for this, and finishing up some unfinished things that I would really like to share. At this point in time I’m hoping to have everything written and edited by the first of September and then I’ll move on to compiling it all together. After it’s formatted and whatnot I will be putting it up for sale independently, or at least that’s the plan right now! Things can change on a whim, but if everything goes totally according to plan then I would estimate this to go up online for purchase both in print and for eReaders HOPEFULLY no later than October 1st but I’d prefer earlier than that.

I thought I would take the time now to reveal what I intend to include in the collection along with a few snippets, so here it is!

Untitled Short Works Collection

Throw Back the Little Ones (short fiction) – Read Excerpt

Who Am I? (short fiction)

The Lowering (short fiction) – Read Excerpt

A Moment (flash fiction)

Kansas (poem)

Dew and Summer Evenings (flash fiction)

Moonlight Sonata (short fiction)

The Price (poem)
1944 (historical short fiction) – Read Excerpt

Socially Lonely (poem)

The Heart Of War (historical fiction novel excerpt) – Read Excerpt

The Dance (short fiction)

Bookish: A Novella (20,000+ word novella) – Read Excerpt



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