A lot of authors listen to music while they write, and depending on the story being told the tunes also change. I had a very specific playlist for Endless Numbered Days that I put on almost every time I sat down to work on the story. I figured that now is the time to share it with the rest of the world, as I feel that these songs really embody the tone of the story, the characters and it’s deeply rooted southern setting. A few songs have notes on them because they were especially specific to the story of Jack and Emma, but for the most part the list is fairly straight forward. If you click the titles you will be redirected to the songs on YouTube, so you can give them a listen for yourself if you are so inclined! Also, fellow writers, what do you listen to when you sit down to pen some words?

Endless Numbered Days Playlist:


1. This song is where the book got its name. I selected it from a line in the lyrics, and thus this particular song is very important to both myself and the novel.

2. I listened to this song the most while writing the album, as it just brought me closer to the way I felt about the place I was writing about. The book is set in Wilmington, North Carolina and for me the line ‘all the sweetest winds, they blow across the south’ really hits home for me. I love my southern roots and my southern home, and I feel like Jack and Emma feel the same.

3. I am a huge Avett Brothers fan, but when this song came out it brought me to instant tears. It really made me feel so much about recent losses in my own life, and I played it while writing some very difficult scenes. It made me even more emotional than normal.

So there you have it! This isn’t the only playlist I used while writing, but it was the one I turned to most often! Hopefully some of you like the music as much as I do!


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