I wanted to officially share it here that I am going to be published! Just today I inked my contract with a great small press publisher to release my novel ‘Endless Numbered Days’! I don’t want to release the name of the publisher just yet, because you never know what might happen, but once everything is squared away I will let everyone know! It will be a few months before we’ll be seeing the book, a lot of work is still to be done, but I’m very excited to get to share this story with all of you!

Over the coming days and weeks keep an eye out for excerpts from the novel to get everyone ready for it’s release. Also I will be talking about the publishing process as it happens, because I know there are so many other new authors out there who share their own experiences or who try and learn more about the process from others.

Preemptively speaking closer to the release date of the book (whenever that may be) there will be a few signings and things of the like that I will be posting about as well. I’m very excited for everything that lies ahead, and I thank everyone so much for their support!



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