What’s it like being alone at the end of the world?
Avery Harris never thought he’d find out.

Avery was a normal teenager. He had a mother he loved, a father he looked up to, and a little sister who annoyed him to no end. They weren’t rich or famous, but they got by, and life was as decent as could be expected in the tiny town of Graven, Kentucky.

The Ruger Virus was barely a blip on anyone’s radar. It started with a single case in Louisiana and spread across the globe like wildfire, unexpected an unprecedented, bringing death and quarantine in its wake. Humanity prayed for a cure that never came, and eventually Avery was the last person left in Graven…and maybe the world.

With the harsh North American winter bearing down, it’s now a race against the clock. Avery needs food, medicine, and a plan to leave Graven when spring arrives. His survival, and that of his dog Tilly, rests squarely on his shoulders. He is, after all, the last man standing.

Or is he?

Genre:Young Adult//Post-apocalyptic dystopian

Status: Available in Paperback and eBook