Ramona Sanders has grown in the four years since the death of Alec Davis, the end of high school, and her last days in Rust. She’s an adult now, graduating college and moving on to new aspects of life. It all feels exciting, at least in the beginning, and she is ready to conquer it all. A new city, a live-in boyfriend, a brand new career, and the start of the rest of her life.

The only problem is that things often aren’t what we imagine them to be; dreams and reality don’t always align. The pieces seem to be falling apart instead of fitting together, and she finds herself more confused than she has ever been. She was supposed to fall deeper in love with David, not meet the enigmatic Jordan, and she was prepared to finally let go of Rust and all the pain she thought she’d left behind. It was time to stop chasing ghosts. This was not the way that adulthood was expected to be.

Sometimes the only way to find yourself, is to find where you belong. Maybe Dorothy was right all this time. Maybe there really is just no place like home.

Genre: New Adult

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