Finn Hertzlein is new to Lake Lassen, and is prepared to spend the most boring summer of his life in upstate New York thanks to a house bequeathed to the family by his grandfather. Until he meets Lola, a fiery local girl who turns his summer upside down.

Lola Sanchez grew up in Lassen, and all the locals know to steer clear of the summer people. Relationships with them never end well, but she can’t help but be drawn to Finn.

Over the course of the summer the two begin a romance that, despite how wonderful it feels in the moment, is destined to fail once August draws to a close. Not only that, but Lola has a secret she’s been keeping, that can’t stay hidden forever. Especially not when it’s a literal matter of life and death.

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Status: Available now at Amazon!