Rust Book 1

A Crooked Mile (Rust #1):  A Crooked Mile is the story of Alec Davis and Ramona Sanders, two teens living two very different lives in rural America. Ramona is a bit of an outcast who dreams of escaping her small town for something bigger and brighter. Alec Davis is a high school basketball star who is trapped inside of his own mind and will do anything necessary to escape both their town and himself.

The two are assigned to work on a class project together in English, and begin to bond over their mutual love of Wuthering Heights. As their friendship grows, however, Alec finds himself sinking further into his depression and out of touch with reality. Ramona has to learn along the way to cope with the person he is inside, and not just the person he presents to the rest of the world.

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Length: 72,127 words (211 pages)

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