My (First) Book Signing!

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This past Friday (July 11th) the Carter County Public Library hosted my first book signing event! I had a wonderful turn out, sold quite a few books, and had some pick ups for pre-orders. It was super exciting to see so many people coming out to support my first novel, and I’m hoping to host another event soon. So many thanks to the CCPL for having me, and for putting together a wonderful event.

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Left to right starting at the to:

-My little signing desk!

-The children’s room where my signing was held!

-Some of the crowd that came and stayed for the duration. Thank you so much!

-Me and Nellie and Larisa, the two lovely ladies who set up the event!

As a writer it is sometimes hard to feel as though your work is being read, let alone appreciated. To have people show up and to have excitement for a project? It makes you want to write more, and I can’t thank everyone enough!

I should be blogging more regularly starting now. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do, and that I’ve kept putting off. No more! So expect more of me around here!

Endless Numbered Days has officially been released by Martin Sisters Publishing! It has been a very long, and very difficult, journey but here I am! My goal has always been to be published before 30, and I came in just under the wire (my birthday is in November). The book has not yet had an “unofficial” release moment, but that is definitely forthcoming. I’m currently working to plan out several release events, which has me both excited and nervous.

For as long as I can remember I have written for myself and for no one else. So to have my words and thoughts out there in the world…well, suffice to say it is terrifying, truly. I can’t believe that I’ve done it, that I’ve become brave enough and sure enough to do this. To put myself out there for ridicule and scrutiny, but I’m prepared for it. I’m prepared for those who won’t like my story, or who would tear me apart. That’s okay, I can deal! I’ve worked too hard to let anyone bring me down, that’s for sure!

The most important thing for me, however, is not myself or the reviews or any of that. It’s the characters, and most importantly it’s Jack Meadowes. Jack has been with me for a long time, parading around in my brain. He’s shown up here and there, I’ve written him countless times over, and sharing him with the world is the hardest part. For those who read END, knowing this and knowing how dear he is to me, you will better understand the ending than anyone else. It’s a way for me to let the world know Jack, while still somehow keeping him to myself.

Just read it! I promise you’ll understand it so much better if you just read it!

As a child I wanted to be a writer. I just always knew that, even when I was very young. I had dreams of it, of having a book, of having my name on a shelf with all those people I so loved and admired. To have my character exist in such a beautiful universe with so many other wonderful and memorable characters. Will I ever be JK Rowling, certainly not, but I got to have my version of the dream come true and that is what matters most.

If you read Endless Numbered Days, I would so much love feedback from you. On Amazon or on Goodreads. Let me know what you think, what you feel, and how it did or did not impact you. Good or bad, I’m in this and I can’t go back now.

I wouldn’t want to even if I could!

100 Facebook Likes!

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Hey guys!

I promised that if I got to 100 likes on my Facebook author page, that I would post a little preview here! True to my word, I have posted the first page and a half of the first chapter of Endless Numbered Days! I hope you enjoy it!

You can view it here! I hope you enjoy it, and there will hopefully be a release date soon!

Some updates!

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It has been awhile since I’ve done an update here, and I’m sorry for that! However, exciting news! The galley pages are done, now I’m waiting on cover art! I am beyond thrilled to be this far, and I can’t wait for a release date!


Right now I’m looking to hit 100 likes on my Facebook author page! Once I get to that point, I’ll post up some snippets from the book that have never been seen before! So let’s cross our fingers and hope we get there!

I got back the first big edited manuscript from my editor and she seemed pleased with the story itself (though there is some work that needs to be done before I can send it back again for another check). Since the novel is moving forward at a quicker pace now, there is also a trailer to go along with the book! Book trailers are all the rage now it seems, and it seemed like a good idea to jump on board.

It’s short and sweet, since the novel has no release date and whatnot yet. Once there is more information a better, longer trailer will make it’s appearance but for now I present to you:

Endless Numbered Days Book Trailer

What I’m Working On Now

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Hey all! It’s been awhile since I updated here, and I just wanted to let everyone know what I’m currently working on.

Endless Numbered Days – Currently with the publisher in queue for editing. Hopefully before long I’ll know more and can share it with you, but for now this novel is totally out of my hands.

A Fire of Unknown OriginThis is the official title for the short works collection! I’m nearly finished with it, I’ve just had to find some more pieces to insert to give it a bit more length and oomph. I decided to remove the novella that was originally part of this collection to make it it’s own stand alone piece. I had originally hoped to have this up for sale by now, but as it often goes that isn’t really going to happen. It’ll be another couple of weeks most likely, so I’m reaching for an October 1st ‘release’.

Bookish – Stand alone novella that was originally supposed to be part of the short works collection. I’ve decided instead to finish this story and put it up in pieces for free before offering it for sale for something like .99 once the entire thing is up. Just so anyone who wants a hard copy can have one.

Drops In The Ocean – The sequel to Endless Numbered Days. I haven’t talked much about this story to anyone, but I figured it was time to at least make it’s presence known in the world. Set in the future this story follows Emma Montgomery and her life beyond the events of END. I don’t want to give away any more than that, just know that I’m really excited to continue her story and see where things take her. Currently I am storyboarding and laying out the details and outline for this novel. I plan to begin writing it soon, within the next week if not sooner.

Fireflies Flash – (Working title) This is the prequel to Endless Numbered Days and chronicles the life of Jack Meadowes, following him through the events that lead him to where we find him in END. I have not begun any work on this story just yet, I want to work on more immediately projects first, most prominently DITO. Once I have a more definite plan laid out then I can start work, but for now this is just on the back burner waiting for it’s time to shine.

So that is where I am right now! I’m really excited to be writing again, though it’s hard because of school. I want to get some serious work done on these projects, and hope that I can finish up AFOUO as soon as possible to get it out there. I hope you guys are all well, and I’m going to try and update more in the future!


Short Works Collection

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When I finished up Endless Numbered Days and after I took a little bit of a break I started compiling old pieces together for a short works collection. I hesitate to call it a short ‘story’ collection because it also includes flash fiction and poetry. I’ve been writing a couple of totally original pieces as well just for this, and finishing up some unfinished things that I would really like to share. At this point in time I’m hoping to have everything written and edited by the first of September and then I’ll move on to compiling it all together. After it’s formatted and whatnot I will be putting it up for sale independently, or at least that’s the plan right now! Things can change on a whim, but if everything goes totally according to plan then I would estimate this to go up online for purchase both in print and for eReaders HOPEFULLY no later than October 1st but I’d prefer earlier than that.

I thought I would take the time now to reveal what I intend to include in the collection along with a few snippets, so here it is!

Untitled Short Works Collection

Throw Back the Little Ones (short fiction) – Read Excerpt

Who Am I? (short fiction)

The Lowering (short fiction) – Read Excerpt

A Moment (flash fiction)

Kansas (poem)

Dew and Summer Evenings (flash fiction)

Moonlight Sonata (short fiction)

The Price (poem)
1944 (historical short fiction) – Read Excerpt

Socially Lonely (poem)

The Heart Of War (historical fiction novel excerpt) – Read Excerpt

The Dance (short fiction)

Bookish: A Novella (20,000+ word novella) – Read Excerpt



A lot of authors listen to music while they write, and depending on the story being told the tunes also change. I had a very specific playlist for Endless Numbered Days that I put on almost every time I sat down to work on the story. I figured that now is the time to share it with the rest of the world, as I feel that these songs really embody the tone of the story, the characters and it’s deeply rooted southern setting. A few songs have notes on them because they were especially specific to the story of Jack and Emma, but for the most part the list is fairly straight forward. If you click the titles you will be redirected to the songs on YouTube, so you can give them a listen for yourself if you are so inclined! Also, fellow writers, what do you listen to when you sit down to pen some words?

Endless Numbered Days Playlist:


1. This song is where the book got its name. I selected it from a line in the lyrics, and thus this particular song is very important to both myself and the novel.

2. I listened to this song the most while writing the album, as it just brought me closer to the way I felt about the place I was writing about. The book is set in Wilmington, North Carolina and for me the line ‘all the sweetest winds, they blow across the south’ really hits home for me. I love my southern roots and my southern home, and I feel like Jack and Emma feel the same.

3. I am a huge Avett Brothers fan, but when this song came out it brought me to instant tears. It really made me feel so much about recent losses in my own life, and I played it while writing some very difficult scenes. It made me even more emotional than normal.

So there you have it! This isn’t the only playlist I used while writing, but it was the one I turned to most often! Hopefully some of you like the music as much as I do!


Big News!

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I wanted to officially share it here that I am going to be published! Just today I inked my contract with a great small press publisher to release my novel ‘Endless Numbered Days’! I don’t want to release the name of the publisher just yet, because you never know what might happen, but once everything is squared away I will let everyone know! It will be a few months before we’ll be seeing the book, a lot of work is still to be done, but I’m very excited to get to share this story with all of you!

Over the coming days and weeks keep an eye out for excerpts from the novel to get everyone ready for it’s release. Also I will be talking about the publishing process as it happens, because I know there are so many other new authors out there who share their own experiences or who try and learn more about the process from others.

Preemptively speaking closer to the release date of the book (whenever that may be) there will be a few signings and things of the like that I will be posting about as well. I’m very excited for everything that lies ahead, and I thank everyone so much for their support!



Why do I write?

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I have always loved to read, almost as much as I love to write. When I was younger I read absolutely everything form the classics to Stephen King, and somewhere between The Green Mile and The Catcher in the Rye, I found a book that spoke to me in a way that no other book ever had before. It’s like that moment when you see a film that leaves you speechless or you hear a song and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the lyricist penned those words about you.

That was exactly how I felt when I was seventeen and read The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. It was almost like the author had sat down, put pen to paper, and had taken feelings and thoughts right from my own head and put them down in a way that I had never managed. Here was this wonderful character named Charlie who was troubled, yes, but who was also dealing with so many things that I had often felt before. He struggled with the changes of growing up, with finding and keeping friends, with letting people go, with depression and with the way it feels to be a teenager. Here was a story about people  that I could relate to, a story that got inside my skin and left me with a feeling I couldn’t shake off. Here were people who spoke my language, of angst and of music, and most of all?

That book and that story made me want more than anything to be a writer. I had always had the love of words inside me, and I had always sought personal release in putting my thoughts and ideas out on the page. I had just never felt the full belief that this is what I could do with my life, that the things inside my head were what other people might want to read. I knew though that out there were others like me, who had felt so moved and so motivated by Charlie and his life, and that even after we had grown up there would be others who need to know that they were not alone.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower made me want to be an artist. I believe, completely, that there are writers and then there are artists. I know plenty of writers, good ones, who do not embody what it truly means to create art. To take words and to transform them into absolute raw emotion that takes someone’s breath away, even if it is just one person in a million. I am still to this day, eleven years after reading this book, trying to become an artist. I cut myself open emotionally and I bleed on paper and I hope that someone, someday, will read what I have penned and will feel the way that I felt all the way back in 2002. That is all I want out of my literary career, however big or small it may become.

If I can make just one person feel this way, if I can motivate just one someone out there in the wide world to embrace themselves and keep striving and yearning to create art…then I can consider myself an artist. And to me, personally, there is no higher honor. No matter what I do for a job, no matter how I live my life, I can make that happen…it will be a life so well lived.